I FaceTimed Floyd Mayweather...

Birt 17 des 2020
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • The fight never happened

  • Ok..So idk if you'd actually read this comment or not but i just got 3things to advise and 1one compliment to give..1..Flyod likes to Doge and deliver body shots..also he's quick..2..invest in Magic the gathering cards..3..grab some HCMC stock before the Vwap sales end The stores offer 100%organic/vegan products. They are getting ready for expansion..4..I respect you for this achievement in your life. To be a fighting athlete and have the opportunity to fight a legend..you now truely have another opportunity to make a mark in American History! You have my respect. I wish you the best of luck on your fight. God bless you.

  • Logan dont trash talk your gonna lose when u trash talk you have army

  • bye logan

  • I feel like jake would have a better chance then Logan, he honestly just isn’t aggressive enough in the ring

    • No bro jake is pussy in front of logan logan have ripped muscles

  • anyone watching this in april and it still hasn’t happened?

  • This shit never happen

  • Who won?!!!

    • @Aisha Khan no it will inshallah

    • @Cl0vxr REALLY WHY?!

    • Never happened

  • Who else wants Logan to fight jake

  • Fake

  • When?

  • We are in April

  • Good luck

  • Honestly I hope Logan wins 😳

  • We was supposed to have already seen this fight over 2 months ago and it is still not rescheduled 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • You could tell Floyd is trying to humble him up jake is no one on the sport

  • How is grabbing you offensive in basketball

  • Hope Logan does win

  • Damn that supposed to be in February wtf happened

  • floyd still can whoop ur ass even if his 80 years old.

  • Ngl he's in a lose lose situation if he wins people will say it's fake and if he loses he'll be made fun of even more

  • POV: your in April rewatching the vid cuase the fight didn’t happen

  • Wtf is wrong with Logan’s face in the thumb nail

  • 4:33 bro y does it sound like my man is tryna pee out a kidney stone 😂

  • I wonder when this is happening.....

  • 18 of April and nothing happened

  • When is the fight bro??

  • I love the fact he helped you not fall and you got mad... huh... your hilarious brother...

  • Jake just beat UFC/ MMA Ben askren, congrats Jake but now Logan needs to BEAT floyd Mayweather this will top Jake's defeat to Ben, LETS GO FOR REAL CHAMP!

    • Yeah he’s defo lost to maywether

  • I was so hyped about this but it didn't happen

  • He said , “half his age”. 😂😂

  • So when are u gunna fight again jake just got handed a win why not see if u can too 😂

  • You’re going to lose badly. Lmfao

  • Can you challenge manny pacquiao?

  • No one cares about this fight

  • so when is this happening???

  • They keep pushing back the date and keep saying that it’ll happen soon and we hear nothing about it

  • Yeah you’re stupid if you still believe this is happening

  • He doesn’t want to admit that Floyd actually was laid to put that on his tory

  • This isn’t happening

  • 🧢🧢🧢

  • Luc at your stupid hair

  • what you waiting ? unsubscribe now !

  • 5% chance of winning is extremely generous

  • Floyd seems like a nice person

  • what is happening lmao...

  • Its apirl 16 and yall aint fight yet

  • The greatest boxer of all time... i dont think you’ve heard of Mike Tyson

  • dude im so fucking proud of you

  • I live in Brazil and I'm poor, I just have a dream, to have a good computer to be able to make game plays to help my family. If God is seeing this comment, help me, I don’t know what to do

    • @zooqi 22 Thanks for the encouragement brother ❤️

    • you can start with what you have man

  • Update this fight still hasn’t happend

  • get slumped

  • Wwe

  • Weekend

  • Wwe

  • Only time you can get close to money mayyy....@loganpaul. Ill take you on foo

  • The fight never happend

  • The fact that this got put off

  • Where the fight Its April now bruh

  • yes logan go ahead and crese those forces 4:34

  • fuking beliver

  • you belive in stupidity- and ego ! not more

  • It really sickens me you think you can beat the champ my friend. He has nothing to lose against you. It’s an exhibition lol not a real fight..... even if you won by some fuckin miracle it would destroy the internet but that will never happen lmao. We all saw what happened with him and pacqiou of you’re that old enough. The whole world was expecting pacqiou to kick his ass and Floyd beat his ass..... im a Manny fan don’t get it twisted but it don’t matter the size you seem him fuck yo the best mma fighter right! What in the world would make you think an amateur nobody even stands a chance with the champ.... it’s a sparing session for Floyd. Nothing more , nothing less. Coming out even richer than he was before. Please don’t get it twisted and go off what the younger generation thinks... lmao if it wasn’t for the old head the young boys wouldn’t know shit lmao. Fuck your entitlement it’s hard work. Don’t expect shit. The top 1% make it if you don’t put in the work you’re not shit! Remember that!

  • To bad this shit was pulled 😂 Logan’s fantasy fight will never happen. It’s headlines that’s he thinks it’ll happen 😂

  • I would even appreciate a draw coming out of this match

  • April 13th still no fight

  • When will you do a another video

  • You're going to lose my friend, HARD.

  • I got logan Winning tbh because logan has nothing to lose plus he’s stronger bigger and taller and also younger but it won’t be easy because floyed is on a 50+ win streak and is I would say more experienced but I think logan can win this by getting in his head

  • 3:45 Logan smiling until he wins.

  • This intro is so sick

  • Logan got nothing to lose and everything to win. Not a fan but i wanna see what would happen if he really dropped Floyd, arguably the greatest boxer of all time.

  • funny how logan is targetting him in floyds older days...

  • Anyone know when this fight is?

  • Like ur brother picking on smaller people. My brother and I are the true tough paul brothers

    • Our dad trained with marvin camel the 1st cruiserweight champion

  • Your bro you better win bro

  • I love may weather but honestly tho...this rookie knocking him out? Smh i wanna see that happen just to see how the public and the media reacts

  • WWE

  • I miss logan

  • im 245 and i'd fight floyd any day...... if he wanted me to lose i would......

  • This is fake lol you could tell if Floyd loses this is a set up Fight🥊🥊🥊

  • Thank goodness that Kevin Owns Stunned Logan Paul..... woo hooooo!

  • Open pawb I really love you bro Logan listen this Libre because she added full move the growth I love you love you bro yes

  • The clickbait pic for this video is Logan paul in the middle of Shaq and michae l cera

  • I have now watched two of this Paul Logan videos it absolutely astonishes me this stupid s*** that people subscribe to on ISchats his videos are not funny they're actually really stupid so 22 million people like watching stupid shit and subscribing to and Mr Paul Logan is laughing all the way to the bank he can't even believe he's got 22 million people subscribing to his stupid content

  • Gotta admit I like your vision brother good luck 🤞

  • M

  • April 11 still no fight

  • Ssss

  • Logan the Bambi paul

  • logan you lost every fight you have done you have floppy knees

  • Mayweather will murder logan mark my words logan wont hit him not once and floyed didnt even know who you where

  • April 11th. No fight. Wtf.

  • April 11th nothing has happened. this fight isn't happening lets be honest

  • Well it’s April 10th and it hasn’t happened yet so

  • It’s April 10 and still nothing

  • it's April 10th I'm still waiting :)

    • The fight will still happen Logan even said so on the podcast

  • You don't have the world against you. There are youtubers making millions by scrolling down subreddits, you are out there. Win or lose, the hustle has respect.

  • The fact that he have guts to face every situation. Respect

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