I’ve Never Been This Happy

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • all the best vloggers have dwarf friends ;)

  • That prank 😂

  • I cant believe I like logan now.

  • His mom

  • Why do I think It is the same hotel from the jake and zayn Controversy?

  • Who else is a Paul hater!?

  • Can I be your new editor😅

  • "You pimple face 🦆"

  • No im playing sudoku 😂😂😂😂

  • Jake Paul got his attitude from His mother

  • she has no eyebrows

  • God bless

  • 👀👀

  • anybody know the lake? or the mansion... i rlly fw w those types of homes

  • I can’t believe that Josie and Logan broke up. They look so cute together. So sad :/

  • weztqwz

  • He is grown

  • bro i am eating

  • the editor: 😐

  • ok ok ok ok ..... I get it get it !!! but / how tf he's headphone stayed there man 5:21 ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

  • :(

  • Damn Josie and Logan were lowkey perfect together smh

  • Hey how much is it to rent Jossie out for the night. Jk 😂😂

  • Hy Man

  • George looks like Charles from Brooklyn 99

  • Awww thx logic you pimple face fuck

  • The ancient tennis ethnically spot because cormorant generically glue minus a productive kitten. tedious, known mole

  • Actually a good joke 3:33

  • Coronavirus has left the chat


  • Only OG's remember the original thumbnail

  • David left, Logan left. Sad

  • dumb fuck

  • Imagine housekeeping entered that doorr !!! XD

  • Wow! the gym Logan Paul visited is the gym I go to and I didn’t see him I feel like a fool 🤯

  • Hayden’s reaction is the best part of these videos

  • 7 months later😬

  • "You pimple face fuck"😂😂😂

  • eneybody going to ask a bout an editor job for logan paul ?????

  • Bro if a day could be a wholesome shit post this is what it would be

  • He’s fucked now lmao

  • damn pam out here wilding.

  • 2:56

  • J

  • That would be funny if Josie didn’t have her swim bottem on and she was still on logan

  • First time I’ve watched a Logan Paul vlog and it was purely for the ass in the thumbnail

  • The crowded biplane additonally boil because geranium externally intend failing a different distance. good, slimy taxi

  • Yesterday I saw a beggar on the road. I was about to give him money.. suddenly I read the notice he kept infront of the area he sat. It read," One day this can be you." I kept my money back...just incase...

  • Sad

  • Why this video gets recommended after their break up D:

  • The subtitles are hindi!

  • Love the vid

  • Damn now I wanna join the Maverick club!

  • No one else would be happy watching your videos... oh nevermind that's Jake Paul ur good

  • I have pop does pimples

  • ive never been this deprsted cause i feel like im not livving life to the fullest

  • he has a lucky ass editor

  • I’ve Never Been This Happy (after fighting KSI)

  • Do you Logan you bitch

  • Watching this video Jesus was right best ISchatsr ever you're amazing Logan Paul God bless you as well as your family and friends all the way from Spain peace out going to watch another video😁🙏👍🏻💯❤️

  • Logan Paul you do know you won't be getting paid where you're moving too you won't be doing youtube videos or anything so how are you supposed to live in Puerto Rico

  • “You pimple face fuck”

  • 2:55

  • thumbnail makes me so happy

  • 2:55 your welcome now where is my like

  • OK now let me pop that umm😂😂😂

  • dude nobody talks about the editors sense of humor like he is actaully hillarious!

  • I couldn’t get the surf down at all 😂

  • almost 23mils

  • LOL

  • I love how logan

  • 👍❤️

  • 2:56 you welcome fellas

    • Lol

  • I know how to wake surf it is easy. I akso wakeboard

  • good job logan

  • I love the Haiden scenes and the Pam scene


  • I pooped when I saw his mom's said

  • Why why r u tocking obalt 💩 what the h*ll bro

  • .

  • i wish i could be a member i love logans vids they rock your such an inspiration

  • 2:55 damn! how good the fuck must be

  • heyzeus in like, the cs go yt-ber??

  • Logan, can i become your editor?

  • "You Pimple faced Fuck." -Pam 2020 (thats mothers love right there)

  • The ending scene was hilarious

  • hey

  • His mom said " thank you pimple face f***"


  • just know that jesus and logan are the same age. think about that

  • 2:33

  • can u tell jake im sorry that my grandma begged him for 100k$ and she wont do it again

  • its like they are having x on a water ski with close on

  • That was awesome

  • mom clip is ahahah


  • Yo Logan you should make maverick shoes


  • Omg its so funking funny

  • The mums reacrtshen